A Sad Day, A Great Loss

G;'Day all

In the wee hours of Friday morning, between 1 am and 3 am while the Slum Lord himself was reading and posting to this forum, my constant companion for the last 12 years was stolen out of my driveway.

Purchased brand new in 1990 before I lost nearly everything, and travelled a mere 340,000 kms, this Burgundy/Maroon EA series 2 Falcon "S" pack (rego NHV 502) was a magnificent example of automotive engineering excellence of a bygone era.

To add insult to injury, the police believe that it was used in a service station burglary a little time later, and as such, the perpetrators of this horrendous crime, (the theft of my car), will no doubt dump it and the police believe it will turn up in a day or 2.

Now if anyone sees it, please contact the police immediately as i have some very important documents in there that i need immediately and your reward will be that the Slum Lord will be eternally grateful.

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Dear Jakk,

Sorry to hear and on behalf of myself and others my condolences on this happening to yourself.

Flip side.......

Is the cup half empty or is the cup half full????

Maybe there is something good that will happen out of this. Is the insurance worth far in excess of what the vehicle really could be worth?

Sorry can't be more helpful than that but remember something good can always happen out of changed circumstances.


Jakk, my heart goes out to you over your tragic loss. As I look out at our burgundy XF I feel your pain. :(

Hopefully when your trusty constant companion finds its way home you will show your appreciation by getting it an immobiliser as a welcome home present.

I searched yesterday for it on my trip to Warragul, with no luck I’m afraid. Even came home through Drouin rather than taking the highway. Still to no avail. Sorry!

I hope you find it soon! Keep us updated!

Ruby :)

I know how much a loss like that can hurt and I hope you recover it quickly my friend. Even more than the car I hope you recover all the plans and notes that you normally keep in your "travelling office".

best wishes,


Hi Jakk

Just think, now that the old car has gone you can go and pick up the new style Falcon and be the envy of all again.

The new falcons look rather mean, and on this day of the annual Holden V's Ford battle at Bathurst it certainly looks better then the Holdens do....

Doh, is this going to start off the Ford V's Holden debate?

G'Day all,

Good News................the prestige vehicle has been found.

Police located it this (Monday) morning and they had it towed to a local panel shop in order to have it checked out. Wasn't allowed to go near it till the fingerprint boys had done their job.
I inspected it myself after lunch, (white powder everywhere) and looks like no major body damage other than under front bumper, looks like they ran over something.

Police confirmed it had been used in a burglary.
Tis going to mechanics tomorrow to get checked out, as it looks like they've given it a bit of a thrashing.

But the best news is......all paperwork/documentation seems to be all there. I emptied the car out, couldn't believe I filled up 8 boxes, (I really must start filing stuff away) and the only things missing were a Makita Electric Screwdriver (professional model) valued at about $600 nowadays, but was in need of repair and a Nokia 5110 mobile phone which was my old one that I had set up on a pre paid plan to use after 9pm to get that 15 minutes free time thing. (gotta watch those pennies).

The guy at the panel shop said he drove it and the auto trans seems a bit sus, hopefully insurance will look after it.
But looks like I wont get it back till later this week and in the meantime Mrs Jakk is getting more than a little pissed off with me using her XR6, (I could easily get used to it, let me tell you).

Anyway folks, nearly a happy ending and one hell of a lot happier Slum Lord

Congratulations on getting your car back Jakk and more importantly your paperwork.

The only problem with you filing the paperwork away from your "office" is that you may not have all your plans handy when you want to show your ideas to people in the carpark after Freeestyler meetings. :D :D

Nah, your biggest problem will be with Mrs Jakk when you bring the paprwork into the house and try to find a home for it. :D
Congratulations Jakk !!

We can all sleep easier now, knowing your constant companion has found its way home.

Ruby :)
G'Day all once again,

Thanks to all for words of comfort during the past few days while I aimlessly moped around wondering if I would ever get the car back or more importantly, documentation of current projects and other important paperwork.

I have learnt a very important lesson here and have gone out and purchased on of those big briefcases (like the pilots use), a normal size briefcase would have been as useless as T_TS on a Bull, not big enough.

So from now on, all documents will be in there and come inside with me at night.

Bill......as for after Freestylers meetings, I'm afraid there'll be a few more moments required in order for me to find the particular plan etc.

Geoff.....Mrs Jakk will just be happy to get her car back

By the way, doesn't look like I'll have it back till early next week as there are quite a few items need fixing according to the report.

Even though I have felt very ordinary over the last few days, my troubles pale into insignificance when compared to the terrible tragedy over in Bali over recent days. Makes us realise how lucky we really are sometimes and our problems are really minute compared to others.