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From: Mark Laszczuk

This has nothing to do with investing, but I have a favour to ask of the forum members. I'm looking at doing a course/s by correspondence or over the internet in the areas of business/accounting. Can anyone out there recommend any courses or institutions that offer these sorts of things? I don't really know where to start.

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From: Andrew S


Deakin Uni runs a range of 'Distance Education' courses. You can probably find something about them on the web.

I'm currently completing an MBA which is jointly run by them via this method.


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From: Dan D

Hi Mark,

There are absolutely thousands such courses delivered via internet.

What sort of qualifications are you looking at obtaining? Degrees, certificates?

Many Australian unis and TAFE institutes run a range of courses. Just take your pick.

email me at dan_i_dan@yahoo.com and I can give you a few more starting points. I and some of my friends are doing degrees, certificate and postgraduate studies via internet. One of us is doing it at a local uni but interstate from place or residence, while the other is studying at a South African university ( the RAND is in heavily in her favour, so it's cheaper than paying HECS here!)

Drop me a line if you want more detailed info.

Alternatively, just Goolge your way to a distance education course, just make sure you restrict it to site:.au

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From: Kellie Dutton

Have a look at Open Learning, they have a whole range of degrees and straight subjects you can do from a range of universities all over the country.

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From: Anonymous


I don't know what your profession is, but if you're eligible to be a member of APESMA, then they have a discount MBA program through Deakin uni. It's supposedly a pretty good discount, but I'm not sure on the particulars.

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