A whinge about BC in Queensland


I'm the owner of a townhouse in a Body Corporate (BC) in Brisbane. When I bought I knew nothing about BC's but expected the rules to be logical.


In Queensland you have 2 main types of BC rules, one for tower blocks and multilevel dwelling (Building Format) and one for townhouses, villas and lowsets (Standard Format).

If my complex had been classed as Standard Format their would not be a problem, but it seems developers are classing Townhouses, villas and lowsets as Building format causing no end of confusion and extra expence to the owners.

So we are having to apply rules designed for tower blocks to our low level development and it seeems developers are using Building Format for virtually ALL developments nowadays wether they be standalone villas or 10 storey tower blocks.

SO buying into a BC in Queensland find out wether it's a Building Format or a Standard format before signing if buying a lowset or townhouse.