AAMI or Terri Scheer for LLI?

Hi everyone, I know this has been discussed before, but the most recent thread I could find went back to 2007, so I thought I'd start a new one cos I'm sure those are out-dated by now.
In a nutshell, which company would you all recommend? My property is a strata property, so I need contents and tenant protection insurance. But I'd like options to include malicious damage and flood damage as well.
I'm already with TS for an earlier IP, but I did an online quote with AAMI and they came in considerably cheaper.
Still, I don't mind paying the extra for TS if they really do offer coverage above and beyond the norm.
Thank you all very much!
I would personally go with Terri Scheer. Feedback from PM is they are good when claiming. Not sure if AAMI is good when claiming, no experience with them.
AAMI does not include a contents provision in their policy. This is only a recent change in their policy (last year or two). I've just moved my portfolio from AAMI to EBM as the cost to add minimal contents was going to cost over $200 per property.
Ebm has a higher limit too
up to 30m

most other carriers sit at 20m mark

Shouldnt impact on most situations as most claims should be well below the limit ...

You need to read the terms and conditions of the various companies. I know its not what you want to do but it has to be done.

what I have found is that although EBM has a much higher $ cover it does not cover you for flood damage, whereas other providers may provide some form of flood cover for a higher premium but a much lower $ cover than EBM.

I have not yet had to claim from my insurance companies so i can't comment.

What i have done is gone with EBM for the IPS that are not in the flood affected zones and TS for the IPS that could potentially be at risk of flood.

I have not included AAMi in my review of policies since my initial one several years ago. AAMI is a lightweight policy, bugger all coverage outside of the basic which is more aligned to owner occupier (basic retail policy). The easiest to read and comprehend but a no frills policy.
One umbrella company, but operate individually. I'm not sure if Apia is one of them, although they use AAMI to handle their claims.