Acai berry

Is it just me, or is this berry everywhere on the net of late?

My wife asked about it today and showed me a website located here, herself and a friend were thinking of loking into the product further

Google being your friend I found a "very" similar site here

Hang about, a LOT of Similarities if you look closer

The disclaimer on the bottom states

This webpage is an advertisement. This page is a fictious demonstration of what an individual who uses the advertised products could potentially experience.

On the male side of things I found these sites in a short minute or two with a common theme

Bob's site and Ben's site
dunno, but there is a bucket load of jungle berry and moo moo juice deals around at the moment "claiming" to cure all and sundry.

The science is almost usually very soft though


Had an acquaintenance who purchased these over the net recently. After receiving the first batch, for the initial introductory offer (not sure how much), they hit their credit card again a few weeks after for over USD100. They duly reported the unauthorised transaction, had their card cancelled and monies credited.

Maybe, just eat more fruit. :)
Yeah its great! They eat it alot in Brazil, comes from a palm tree and they mix it with museli stuff and sell it at juice bars. Not sure about it's medicinal qualities but the brazillians swear by it's ability to increase the size of your penis :)

I found it recently at my local IGA, in the ice cream section, a granola type desert with acia extract. Superb!
In terms of being good for you, probably. And if it's nice to eat, well good. In terms of being a miracle, it's pretty unlikely.