Accountant in Newcastle Area

Hi guys,
can someone recommend an accountant in the Newcastle area that is switched on re property investment. We have been with the same accountancy group for over 13 years now and have always been pleased with their service, although sometimes slow at getting tax returns completed etc.
Recently we applied for a SMSF Home loan with StG and were required to have a 'Financial Adviser' sign off before the loan could proceed. I approached my accountant who in turn recommended X Financial Services. Off, I go and long story short, the form is signed and I am encouraged to make another appointment to discuss planning for retirement etc. After 2 more meetings it is obvious to me that Mr Financial Adviser wants to sell my husband and I Life/TPD and Income Protection insurance. Now I don't mind buying these essential insurances BUT I thought I was there for advice and was willing to pay for that (I have been charged $500). Not once did he mention any long term planning except to emphasize how important these insurances were.
So there I am, last night reading through the 'Statement of Advice' and low and behold on the page marked Disclosure/Fees is the statement that Mr Financial Adviser will receive 114.95% initial commission and an ongoing commission of 10% of the premiums. Also, there is a reference to the Referral partner (our current accountants) to receive 10% of the initial fees and commissions received.

Call me naive, but I actually thought our accountant had recommended X Financial Services because of feedback from other clients etc etc. So, I think it is time to switch accountants.

PS - I did email a letter to Mr Financial Adviser this morning, saying thanks BUT no thanks, I'll source my insurances myself.

So either no-one uses accountants in Newcastle or you Novacastrians that do have an accountant in Newcastle aren't happy enough with their service to recommend them. What about one in Raymond Terrace?
How about Lake Macquarie any good ones?

Have asked the same question here before and got the same, no reply. what about lake macquarie anyone know of any good ones?
Recommended Accountants in Newcastle

Hi there :)

I have used a great accounting firm in Newcastle called Leenane Templeton. They are chartered accountants, business advisors and have a specialist division called 'The Self Managed Super Specialists'. The names a little hard to remember!!, however I have only had great feedback from me and some firends who I know have used them, they're a friendly professional team who service NSW and their head office is on King Street, Newcastle

Just looking at their details the web address is and looking at the SMSF web site it's

And the telephone number is 1300 58 76 73

Wow dont you love technology, instant access at your finger tips

Do you want one to just do your tax or to give you advice?

I can recommend one who does planning with you but they are very expensive.

I can recommend another who is spot on with tax returns and is good value but she doesn't do advice.
Hi guys,
I have found one in Raymond Terrace that I'm going to move to after our current accountant finishes the 08-09 tax returns. I've had a good chat with him, seems switched on re property investing (has a few himself), has answered all my emails and returned phone calls, so worth a try. Thanks for the responses.
I thought I will revive this thread.

I am currently looking for an accountant in Newcastle that is switched on in property investments and will provide advice as well as do tax returns, can someone recommend one?
Frank Tickle and Co at Broadmeadow, my parents have used them for so many years I have lost count. I used to use them too before I moved to Sydney.