Accountant in the ACT or Launceston

Good afternoon to all,
I am wondering if someone could tell me a good/approachable accountant with reasonable rates in the ACT or Launceston (Tasmania) who knows Investment property related tax?

Thank you

NB: I am moving to Launceston for a new job soon, but my IP will be in the ACT.
I have used Keith France @ Parkhill for a number
of years and he knows property.

France, Harrison & ***.
(02) 6299 4120
80 Morrisett St

Hello Everyone,

I live and invest in Launceston but use an Accountant in Melbourne.

Distance is no barrier as you can email or overnight post documentation.

I use Gatherum Goss which is well known on the forum.
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thanks monty, but i think me and my business partner are going to go big this time , trusts , business , and more trusts , Bates and Pickering, The big guns;)