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From: Firefrog .

What is the best way to find accountants and advisers who have a good grasp on the things we are talking about on this forum. I have made an appointment with one, which gives me a chance to kind of interview him. Is this worth doing.
What things should I be asking to really know if they can help me.
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From: Yuch .

Hi firefrog,

If it's free to interview this account then it doesn't hurt to give it a try but if it's gonna cost you money then forget it.

I've been looking for a good accountant for a long time and I've interviewed many, but most of them just know nothing about investing. They always tell you "this can NOT be done!!".

One of the accountants I interviewed wanted to charge me $150 for the talk, in which I was the one teaching him everything I know. End of the talk, he asked me 'are you from a finance background?'. I told him 'No, I am only a chemical engineer.'
I was unhappy with the service he provided and of course I didn't pay him that $150.

Anyway, it's just me whinging.

I suggest you talk to them on the phone first to find out what they actually know before you go and see them. That way you don't waste your valuable time on interviewing another useless accountant.

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From: Dale Gatherum-Goss

Good morning.

You should interview the prospective accountant just as you would a prospective employee.

Ask the accountant if they own investment properties. If they don't, they cannot possibly teach you anything, or, know the tricks to use to maximise your results.

Good luck

CPA & Investor
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From: Yuch .


I think the correct question to ask the accountant should be - how many investment properties do you own?

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From: Julie _adelaide

I would be happy to recommend mine. He is in Glenelg. Let me know if you need more info.
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From: Firefrog .

Julie - Please, I would love to here about your accountant. You may email me at [email protected]
The Frog
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