Adding a temporary bathroom?

I had a look at a place today.

It was ... interesting. The main issue being outdoor loos (male and female besser block toilet block, each half has a toilet and a reasonable size 'room' with a sink in it) and a kitchen but no bathroom.

There's an instant gas service on the wall inside - no gas bottles - and a sink in one of those old 70s benches, easily removed, so there's power, plumbing and a structure to put it in. What is the cheapest, nastiest, easiest way to get a workable indoor shower happening in a building just to make it liveable?

The HWS and all the water connections are in a vestry that is about 4mx9m, solid stone monstrosity. The vestry has 2 windows at the short ends, 2 internal and 2 external doors, one of which led to a clearly demolished extra room so it could be made into another window, thus ventilation and access is a non-issue too. Temporary walls would be easy to whack up - the ceiling height in there is 'only' about 4m (ceiling height elsewhere ranges from 6.4m and up)

This, the lowest price the vendor are willing to go to, whether or not I can push either a tenant to sign up or a buyer to purchase my old house to increase my serviceablity and whether or not I can get creative financing are all going to influence whether or not this is even worth pursuing. The place has amazing potential but would cost a packet to complete.
What is the cheapest, nastiest, easiest way to get a workable indoor shower happening in a building just to make it liveable?

Drill a hole in the wall and poke a hose through!!

No kidding, a friend did business in Libya years ago when it was under embargo and very few Westerners went there. He stayed in a "4 star" hotel, and the bathroom had a hose poked through a wall for the shower.
We like our creature comforts better than that :p

If this is any kind of doable project, it'll have a temporary bathroom for as long as it takes to get plans approved and builders in to build a real one, which could be ages. The HWS in there is a teeny instant one (looking at my photos I think it is electric not gas) so won't do for a shower. We have a 900x900 deep bath base in the shed here so it'll come down to piping in, drainage and a HWS. I don't know if we could hook into the drain out for the sink, is that practical? The FIL is a plumber/electrician and could do it free but is very hard to get out here on short notice so that isn't an angle we can count on.

This is a feasibility thing. If we can't just move straight in with very small, cheap, modifications while fardling around thinking of how to do the big stuff (which will require an engineer for the mezannine), its not worth touching. Ovens are easy to put in, showers not so much.

The building is one year older than my old house. 1875. The walls look over a metre thick :eek:

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