Adelaide conveyencer recomendations


I am looking to purchase in Adelaide and was hoping someone over there could give me a recommendation for a good conveyancer please?

Hi, Angela Harris Tel [08]8278 4557

Kirsty did the work on my last conveyancing job. I've had a long ongoing biz relationship with Angela.

When I was in Singapore, all I had to do was to send Angela an email & the next day she emailed back to me the search that I requested. Didn't even charge me.

She also got a surveyor to look at the block that I wanted to buy which I later subdivided. Only cost me $300 & he spoke with the council as well.

Conveyanceing fees used to be $300 in the bad old days but it went to $500+ don't know if it's gone up again.

Highly recommend Trevor White Conveyancers - great job every time incl. getting around annoying last minute stuff ups from other parties.