Adelaide house cleaners


Surely you Adelaide investors have used a cleaning service for your IP's?? Hoping someone can give me a recommendation. I used a company in Adelaide a few years ago that I was not happy with (can't remember the name now). I want to make sure the money I spend will be worth it :)
we use one shot cleaning services....not the cheapest but always does a great job for us.

we use them to do our builders clean (after the builder does his :rolleyes:)
My last PM authorised payment of $260 to VIP cleaners at the end of a tenancy. The place was filthy. New tenants were asking when the place was going to be cleaned. This plus other factors led to me dismissing my PM as well.

I know you were looking for recommendations, but I'd stick in an opinion not to use the above service. They are franchisers obviously, and your experience will vary. My property was located in the Adelaide CBD.