Adelaide Investor Groups/ Clubs

Are there any groups or clubs in Adelaide that meet semi regularly that anyone can recommend?

Whatever your persuit, it's always better when you share it with people who share your passion.
I'll join and even setup/run a blog website if I have the two on board.

Monthly meetings with guest speakers?

What sorts of things would people like to see and have an interest in?

Real estate market reports?

Tax information?


How about having local trades people available/recommended by members?

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I'm sure I've seen someone mention a group of Adelaide investors that already meet in this forum somewhere, but I can't find the reference anywhere. Gools may have been the one who mentioned it.
We've attended a number of the meetups run by the Adprop team over the last years which always seem to draw a big number and have different guest speakers etc.

It seems from the emails I get this year its more 'promotional' events (Authors, Developers etc) happening rather than the meetups I have previously been to.

Definetely would be in on anything organised
Update: Just had a look back through my emails and found they were called a 'Real Estate Wealth Network meeting' and last one got emailed was for September 09 and even had SS great Rob Williams as a guest speaker (Wish we went!!).

All recent emails are more for seminars but those meetings were really well run, big crowds, free and speakers who were just investors not selling anything.

Well perhaps we could get together somewhere to discuss what we require? I dont think we need any meetings to motivate ourselves to get into property investing. More use them as a network resource. Do you use tools like facebook etc?