Adelaide Meeting 3.0

In that case, I'll adjust it to as follows (Baker has said he's flexible too from his earlier post, so this should be fine hopefully):

Monday 30th of March, 6:30pm
Seven Stars Hotel, Angus St

Just confirming tonights meeting at 6:30pm - look forward to seeing you all then!
Ah crap sorry, just noticed the Monday. Bugger.
Had a heap of stuff going on late last week and forgot to check in.
Apologies all.
I'm annoyed with myself for not checking back. I thought I'd get a message telling me about new posts but it seems I was wrong. I'm going to check back regularly so I can come next time.
I'll be back over this weekend to sort some stuff out.

But I suspect its the wrong time of the month for the usual meets
Adelaide Meetings - End of Forum

Hi All,

It's been a while since I attended a meeting with you all due to being overseas, however I hope to in future. I just received the email about the end of the forum so I was wondering how you would all be keeping in touch?