Adelaide SSers - Regular weekend Brunch or drinks

With the warmer weather not far away (Yippee!), I'm canvassing interest from all Adelaide SSers (and SA country & interstaters who may be passing through) regarding conducting a regular weekend brunch or drinks get together or the like, possibly on a fortnightly basis. An opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and network.

If there's enough interest, I'll follow the idea up further with those who are interested.


Project 1080.

The project: 10 IPs in 80 mths.
Do you go to Xenia's Adprop meetings? There's one on this thursday, they're good for networking.

I might be able to come along occassionally to a weekend get together.
Yes I do go to the Adprop meetings Pablo.

I'm seeking interest from others for a regular casual get together on a weekend in addition to the Adprop meetings as some people may not attend these meetings for various reasons.

Project 1080.

The project: 10 IPs in 80 mths.
Weekend might be interesting - we go to Adelaide on a semi-regular basis and can't make a weekday one.

Good excuse to dodge the inlaws while we're 'visiting' them ;)
Count me in project.

you know my contact details.

I'm not sure how many my children will allow me to go to on the weekends but if it ties in with other meetings that I need to get away for I will endevour to come by and say hi.

I think it's a great idea, our meetings are now attracting over 100, there are 107 booked for tomorrow night and I do not get enough time to talk with people one on one.

Breakfast or brunch that I do not need to plan or co-ordinate or invite speakers or prepare presentations for and can just sit down and chat with people are an excellent idea. I'm in! :D
Here's an idea for ya Xenia. Record the meetings, even any one on one discussions where people give consent, and then you can pick the best parts, and host them on your website for download.

I'm sure there's heaps of people like me that can't make it but would like to, and being able to watch the recordings at their convenience such as on lunch breaks would be perfect!