Adopt a pet - please read


Me & the missus are on a mission to find new homes for couple of unwanted pets:

1 Kitten - 4mths - female - black color - owner moved houses

1 Jack Russell (pure breed brown & white color; photo attached) - about 7mths - male - name is Charlie - cute but naughty - will require lots of training - owner doesn't want it anymore.

If you or anyone you know who would be willing to adopt them, then please PM or email me (

If they don't get adopted, they'll be heading to a shelter :(


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Us animal friendly folks do adopt from shelters, y'know. I have a very nice tabby pussycat from the Animal Welfare league. She chose us from a lineup of humans parading past the cages.

... and a rabbit that kind of came home one day, two chooks the school was selling off, two short humanoids, and a forest of seedlings in pots. No room for a dog.

Personally I wish I could take them .... but got few already.

Just trying to help out couple of friends (well their friendly pets really)
Hi xenia / alabex

I can work with the family who owns the kitten to fly it down to Adelaide or Sydney. However I doubt that they would be willing to foot the bill. Would you be ok with the transport costs?

Charlie is now taken. This Saturday he will be making his way down to Canberra (via domestic flight) to join a dog loving family & their maltese shitsui :)
awww Charlie looks and sounds like my Lucky.. one lucky family gonna enjoy years of Charlie's mischievousness