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Find local Chinese agents, most know about it. Or go through the organisations in the local Chinese community or Chinatown - plenty can help you. Most migrantion/business agents etc in Chinatown or ones servicing this industry have several multi-millionaire Chinese clients looking to buy houses.
Talk about thinking outside the square! That's a brilliant idea, but only works if your property is located in area where a lot of chinese already living as they like to congregate. A good indication is if your area has a chinese supermarket, then yes.
Chinese Culture

Also a good sign where the Chinese congregrate is to see if there is a HSBC bank in the area or better still find out where they are opening.
Don't show your have a 4 in yoiur address as they won't even look at it.
Another advantage is if your house faces east in accordance with Buddhism.
On my way through Hong Kong yesterday, I couldn't help but notice in the national chinese papers that there are large ads for USA property, mostly around US$1m, pages and pages of them. There apeared to be specialist agents. Properties were all over the USA, but all in expensive, exclusive areas.

There was not one for there you go!!!

i want to know more about this , as this 1m + canberra home will be on the market soon, not in a chinese community, but about 8 mins drive to cnbr city.