Advice on AGM's - worth attending?

Hi all,
I am new to owning an investment property, recently having purchased a strata titled townhouse on the Central Coast, NSW.
I have also never had any experience with owning a strata titled property.
The AGM is coming up next week so wanted some opinions/advice on whether most investors try to attend AGM's. Do you think it is worth attending? and if so what should I likely expect (so that I don't come across as a total loser :eek:)
BTW it is a complex of 8 townhouses.
Thanks heaps in advance for help!
I insist on attending the AGM, the Minutes never reflect what is really going on

Its the "asides" that do not make it in to the Minutes that tell you what is really happening.

Also it gives you the opportunity to meet the other Owners.

In small owners corporations, it's often worth attending the meetings and getting to know the other owners. The smaller the group, the more your vote and opinion counts.
I agree with chrispy -- if it is practical my husband or I always make sure to go to the AGMs -- there is a lot of discussion that doesn't get put into the minutes and it's a nice way to build relationships and get people on side (especially if you are wanting to bring in some changes in the future)
Yeah it is worth you going. My partner is chairman of a building in Queensland, most investors don't attend the AGM. But he enjoys it when they do.
As above, I have always attended my agms, even if it means an interstate trip. Sometimes we even have owners dial in for the meeting.

Get involved in your BC, no point whinging about it if you don't agree with decisions because you didn't participate.

It is the easiest way to prompt change if you are unhappy with the way things are going eg: maintenance standards, insurance premiums/insurable values, extent of capital works/repairs, lack of or too frequent audits etc.
I ran a private BC for a few years and based on my experience would recommend that you attend your AGM. Was surprised that every year only 50% of the owners showed up.

I was even the resident caretaker when I lived there and used to look after the common grounds.

Actually have fond memories as we used to meet on the grassed area out the front and it always went till after sundown.
Yes, especially the first one.

One unit I bought I went to the first AGM to discover they were encclosing the undercover carpark. The plans were to put a wire wall down beside the stairs. I actually owned under the stairs as it was next to my car space. I requested a gate instead. Lucky I was there! Now I have a locked storage area.:D

I go to at least the first 2. Some I join the executive committee. Others I don't go to every time as the committee is great.