Advice on old house purchase

Hi All

Recently we just picked up IP#2. it was originally listed at 135k but needed to be re stumped as the floors weren't even and some doors / windows wouldn't line up perfect. the quote to re-stump and level was $8800.

So we asked for 10k off the price to allow for this.
We will also need to have the roof patched up (currently iron roof with a few small areas of rust)

they are about the only 2 major things that need work.

smaller things are hairline cracks in some places due to the re-stumping issue and also the walls are made of asbestos.

Currently the property is happily tenanted at 190p/w and we were wondering what should we or shouldn't we look at repairing?.

We are hoping to build a brand new house in maybe 5 years time on the block so i dont want to pour too much $$ into doing it up.

should we just look at a basic re-sealing of the roof and re stump the house?

also will the asbestos be much more expensive if we ever demolish to re-build?

As always your replies are appreciated :)