ADVISE please Maintenance request

I have a request from a tenant that the mesh in the front security screen door needs repair.
I already know that I believe it is their problem,however before I commit to that decision I would like a second opinion.

The house was brand new when they moved in..
They have been there for around 14 months ,two small dogs inside (Supposed to be outside dogs) but I don't know where the damage is,high or low or if the dogs caused it or not?.

They are currently on a 12 months lease and are good tenants who pay on time.

Do I just fix it,as I did when the hills hoist clothes line just fell off the wall and broke last year? or put my foot down and call it damage from tenants,

I have been in my PPOR for three years and my mesh in my security doors are still perfectly intact and I have three small children and two inside toy poodles.
You already "know" that you "believe".......hmmmmmm:confused:

Anyway, if it's a new house and new tenants...don't you have a condition report that proves it's their damage and not yours (or reasonable wear and tear)....?
Also, the dogs.....what does it say on the lease about the dogs...? Inside or outside....?
Whatever the answer to that is what you advise them about the conditions of the current lease.

The clothesline ay.....brand new...still it could be a builder fault....hard to know without inspecting and that as "did the kids swing off the clothesline" or did it just fall off by itself...???

Time for an inspection to clear this all up and get the message across that you will not be fooled with.

So they pay on time...they are supposed to do so....! That's no excuse to go soft on a tenant who is damaging your property.

I hope you get on top soon....and rightly so given your info above.:)
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You said the "mesh" - well, I wouldn't replace it.

Property is near new - it is definately their issue and I would want it replaced at the end of the tenancy if they moved out.

If your property is under management - get your pm to write to them to advise repair at their cost.
Mesh - as in the aluminium or the fly screen?

As per Lura - If fly screen then not your problem until end of lease.

If aluminium then I would be looking at them paying for it now.

Thanks everyone for the answers and also a special thanks to Thorpey for the English lesson:D
Thorpey raised a good point about what it says on the lease about the dogs...? Inside or outside....?Will look into that.

That is also the conclusion that I came up with .Tenants damage,
Apparently it is only the fly screen,property was brand new when they started their tenancy,just ***** me they would try and get me to fix it:p.

lura: The property is under management and yes I will get my pm to write to them to advise repair at their cost.