Agent says "Sorry, this property is under negotiation" - can't we view it?

Hi SS'ers,

Spotted a great property and emailed the agent to ask for the inspection times. The response was:
"Sorry, this property is under negotiation"

Surely if contracts aren't exchanged yet, we can still go and view it and perhaps offer a higher amount than the other party?

Why wouldn't the agent let us view it?
Ask the agent "is it on the market" or "off the market" and if he says "off" ask him why? It should still be on until exchange of contracts or at least verbal agreement.

If you don't get much joy, have a chat with the vendor. But tell them you are not trying to undermine their agreement with the agent.
Thanks evand - did just that, will see what the agent says. I suspect he's just close to a sale and can't be bothered doing more work, that's all!
i've heard agents use that terminology before once the property goes into cooling off period - in which case, AFAIK, he is right to knock you back for an inspection.

If he was a good agent he would take your details in case the sale falls through, or another similar property comes up.
And in Queensland a good agent will still hold viewings to try to get a back up contract until the original becomes unconditional.
Until the property is under contract, it's still for sale. If you have no luck with the agent, try the vendors solicitor or conveyancer. Best of luck!
I asked the agent for clarification and he said that contracts haven't been exchanged yet. But the contracts are in the hands of the solicitors awaiting exchange so I guess we've missed the boat. He seems generally unhelpful so I won't press the issue. I'll be laughing if he comes back begging me to inspect the place though, if the exchange of contracts falls through!
we do this sometimes before exchange.. usually when an offer has been accepted and we are wanting an unconditional exchange straight up without cooling off periods. Generally we hold off on further inspections for a few days to give the buyer time to get things in order and exchange.

I always take names and numbers though, because like has been said... nothing is sold until it exchanges..
this is where i like the Qld system.

If somebody likes it, they sign the offer - the seller signs and the offer then becomes a contract...same bit of paper.

no stuffing around waiting on exchanges etc. it is simply sold - you can then choose whether to let another party through prior to it being unconditional (if it is not an unconditional contract).

This way too - off the market is clearly defined - the joint has a contract on it!!!