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From: Manny B


I don't know if u have realised this, but doesn't have as many houses advertised on it lately (under half in comparison to last year) around my suburbs, with many of the agents using their own web pages to advertise their stock... has anyone else noticed this trend?

It just becomes a nuisance when searching the web for homes, as you need to go through half a dozen web pages rather than the original page...


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From: See Change

Have noticed this Manny. Personally I don't mind if it makes it harder for people to find properties. A poorly located site may just contain a gem that not many people see....

see change

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From: Simon St John

Hi Manny

I've found this also, which makes looking in an area outside your own turf harder, doesn't it!

There's no substitute for getting out there I guess, but I find the net great for sourcing properties to practice 'doing the numbers' and getting an idea of prices, trends, etc.

Cheers, Simon
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