Agents use property blogs to sell Real Estate

Successful property marketing of any sort requires a focus on the needs of the client. The ability to create a single Web site dedicated to just one property takes niche marketing to the next level for the property marketing industry.

Websites dedicated to an individual property listing are becoming a common trend amongst property agents in the US. Many American property agents use specific web based applications like vflyer, postlets and mymarketware to quickly and cheaply create a single property website. Single property websites aren’t really used by agents in Australia rather they appear to be opted by private sellers who can’t gain access to the larger Australia property websites.

Now an even newer trend is beginning to dedicate property blog sites combined with social networking to help sell properties especially in the area of luxury homes.

What’s the difference between having a property blog and a website to sell real estate? When designed properly, property blogs bring life to the property since they are much more search engine friendly than a typical property website, this is key when marketing luxury property particularly.

Today’s sellers expect a worldwide marketing budget and exposure in every domicile. The challenge is that many sellers expect their agent to pay for advertising in worldwide publications, which can put even a very successful agent in the red very quickly. Not to mention that most ultra luxury properties take time to sell. The key is to maximize exposure and develop a hub on the Internet with a very organic and highly “indexable” 1parkplace luxury blog solution so that the search engines become our best friend.

Using social media networking to market luxury or unique property listings is being utilized by many in the real estate industry in the U.S. This evolution in marketing (or Blogging) will surely trickle down to Australia eventually as the phenomenon of social media continues to grow.
Tell me more, tell me more(...did she put up a fight?)

Incredible, really. The disease that is blogging is now being hocked as a marketing tool. Unfortunately - like the majority of blogs out there written by people who are nobody and have nothing of interest to say about anything - nobody cares.

It actually makes sense to have your own property blog if you are in the property business. For the luxury properties then it would seem foolish if they did not have their own website considering the properties are worth millions and the website might only cost a couple of thousand or less and they could quite easily help find new leads. In fact considering how much we spend even on cheaper properties ( maybe less than 300k) then really nearly every property should have it's own website. I'm not sure what domain names are used, maybe something like :)

Also, to own and have a blog set up starts from Free ( etc) , so the costs are very little.
What is the advantage of having a dedicated website for a property over a listing in the traditional type of site?

It could look a bit more flashy and have a bit more detail, but would be a lot harder to find. Try doing a search for "luxury home for sale". You have to go to page 3 on Google to find an individual listing. Most people stop on page one where all the traditional sites are listed.

At the end of the day, it does not matter how great the site looks, if noone can find it, it's useless.
The idea is to have multiple marketing channels, you would still have a listing on etc as well. For example you could have your own business cards printed up advertising your property which would link to your own website. On that website you can have a lot more detail than what you can list on the property sites. If you had the skills or paid for it you could get high rankings for certan keywords on the search engines.
Promoting using blogs to sell high-end property by spamming on a forum? Yeah, really sounds like they know how to market.

I get creating a dedicated website to market a property of a certain level. But that has nothing to do with a blog. I'm struggling to see the use of social media coming in to it either. You're wanting to push a premium property with a price tag to match - it's not an every-man property, it's something unique.

You pay the same money to get a better agent who uses their contacts in the actual media to show it off as something out of reach of everyman, which makes those whom have the coin want it more.

Yes I do agree I question the motives of this thread but it did actually motivate me to get a new blog and website setup and to demonstrate how easy it is. I spent $16 for a 2 year domain registration and I already had the hosting setup. It took me less than 10 minutes to get my website setup which is using Wordpress as a backend so I can easily add content and images to it. Obviously it needs a lot of content yet so I will be busy doing that soon.... :)
I have a website for my place with a lot of pics and info to back up a free Gumtree ad and also had the url in an ad in the paper, but I sincerely doubt it would come up anywhere in Google.
if you have your own url you should look into creating some SEO tactics in order to increase your rankings within Google.

No doubt one SEO technique you would recommend is 'promoting' that website on the forums of popular websites, not unlike this one, because of the favourable treatment given as a result of inbound links from well-ranked websites? Why, it's, it's brilliant.

Somewhat disappointed this thread wasn't dumped by a moderator immediately. Perhaps it could go in the buyer beware section :p