Air conditioner leaking - warranty item?

Hey guys,

I have a 2 year old Hitachi air conditioner.

When on cold operation water leaks out the front lower left of the unit, which damages the plaster. It's a sizeable pool, basically I can't use it on cold for longer than 5 minutes.

I called the mob who installed it and they say that's a regular maintenance item to 'clear out' the outlet pipe. They said it can get blocked at times and part of regular servicing is to blow compressed air down the pipe to clear it.

Doesn't sound right to me. I've had air cons for years and have never had this before.

What do we all think - is this a maintenance item or a warranty item?

Get them out to fix it ,when they hand you a bill you hand them a bill.
IMO definitely a warranty item,
Unless of course they find a big fat frog up there?
Mine was doing the same and I cleaned it out myself. If it's blocked with dirt etc. then I doubt it will be covered by warranty.
Hmmm... mines stuck behind plaster. Maybe I should check it out.

Do you need compressed air to blow it out? They said they'll use nitrogen.
Forgot to add they'll come out and service my 2 units for $150, which includes gas top up, filter clean and clear that blockage. Also includes servicing the outdoor unit on the roof.
Is it a split system, or a window rattler?

Either way, the condensate drain is blocked, most likely wasps and a 2 minute fix.
For the benefit of future posters...

Just called Coldflow heating and Cooling for a 2nd opinion.

They agree, that if were happening from day 1 it's a warranty item.

As it's been working for 2-3 years and now has a problem, it's a maintenance item.

These guys are pretty good, I've used them in the past for a heater install and servicing.

They also said $150 for the 1st unit and $50 per unit after that is a good rate. They charge $150 each unit.
air conditioners don't run on water, ??? they use the new variation of R2 liquid, when they leak it goes away as gas???

whats happening is ...... when the air cond is on it pushes air through the blades of the cooling system, this condenses, and produces water,

the water is ment to pond and run through a pipe/line to an area thats away from the home or outside,
So i think that you should remove the front and see if somthing is blocking the plug hole in the tray, if its looks clear run a piece of flexible cord through the small hose to clear it out, easy fixed...:rolleyes:
As it's mounted on an internal wall (that backs onto another apartment), the guys from Coldflow said it could have a pump and that could be stuffed.

If that's died I'm up for around $250 for the pump alone. These things only have a 1 year warranty.
Ours is Fujitsu, split system...was leaking/dripping from lower right hand corner...we found a button on remote that says 'coil dry'.

Read the manual (always a last resort) & I'm meant to be using coil dryevery so often to 'dry out' unit.

Leaking has since stopped....have you got 'coil dry' or similar button?
I had a split system installed and the guy stretched the drain hose too much and it disconnected. Water was going everywhere (being the humid tropics) and I had no choice but to get my screw driver and fix it on the spot. The tenant was unhappy!

I've had split systems in my house for ten years or so and the only maintenance I've done is to clean the filters. Never had a drain block.
Forgot to add they'll come out and service my 2 units for $150, which includes gas top up, filter clean and clear that blockage. Also includes servicing the outdoor unit on the roof.

I find it strange that they will "top up the gas". They need a fairly accurate amount to run properly and unless it has a leak it shouldn't need any "topping up". I'd get a second opinion.
It sounds like the condensate drain is either blocked, has an air bubble or is pooly installed. If you can locate the end of the drain hose, stick it in your mouth and give it a good blow. This usually cleans up and crap in the drain.
Good luck.