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I have few investment propeties in Melbourne and am looking to diversify. I have identified Albany Creek, Brisbane as a likely area. This is around 17Km from city and has a median of around $550k with 4-5% yield and 10% per annum growth over last 10 years.

I will be holding this property long term (10+ years).

Can someone from Brisbane comment how this locality is in terms of infrastrcture, facilities and general quality of life.

Also can someone recommend a good conveyancing/legal practise. I prefer to use someone local rather than my Melbourne solictor for interstate purchases.

Many thanks.
Albany Creek

It's a middle class suburb in a leafy part of Brisbane. Little crime, was popular with young families about 15 years ago. No train line but buses fairly good. Shopping good, schools are plentiful. Starting to get expensive but you should be able to pick an investment property for under $500,000. You can still get them for under $450,000 if you look hard.

Don't think that you can go wrong.

If you send me a private message, I'll give you the name of my solicitor who I'm very happy with.
I live right on the Albany Creek border - great suburb - needs a proper shopping centre to service the masses in the outer north and the CBD is pretty ordinary, but a very popular family suburb. As NB said, heaps of schooles and a few social facilities - no decent food, but it is nearby.

Price wise, you can buy everything from the very high 300's through to well over the million dollar mark. you really need to pick your areas. the Albany Forest estate is a sprawling estate that has a mix of socio-economic players and also has a few sub-estates meaning that moving across three streets can send the price up by 500k.

The poorer pocket towards aspley is starting to grow, as is the pockets along Keong Rd.

No rail anywhere close, but very well serviced by buses to Aspley/Chermside and of course the CBD.

10+years should work fairly well IMHO...I spent several years selling real estate in Albany Creek and well priced properties sell quickly and rent quickly to good tenants. Most of the good side of A/Ck is under 20years old so you can get some great properties if you look hard.

as for solicitor - try Warren Wood from Cartner Capner...lovely bloke and very very clever when it comes to property law.

hope this helps!

I have worked in the area and have several old school friends with businesses there.

It has cleaned up a lot on what it was 15-20 years ago.
The northeastern end of Keong Rd precinct is still lower middle class, imho....and the recent addition of an Aldi's tends to bear that out.

Lots of army personnel, tradies, mid level public servants, and middle class 50+s in the area.
Not many city professionals.

It is an honest enough spot to buy. You might want to check the availability of rental property. The area had a lot of it years ago....but much might have been passed on to oo's by now.

Personally, I think it is overpriced for how far it is from the city. But the newer homes appeal to families.

If you are looking at spending 450k+, I'd make sure you compare what you can get closer to town and on the train line.
Check out the bus routes.

We bought in Carseldine around 3 years ago - only 50m from a bus stop with the cityexpress, rocket etc commuter buses. Not quite as good as the trains, but with the new busways still good public transport access.
Sorry I misssed this post earlier.

I have lived in Albany Creek for 21 years. It sucks for public transport! The bus timetables were improved last year, but they still leave you stranded pretty easily. I agree with the other posters about all different demographics. I love Aldi. A visit to the Tavern will enlighten you as to its current CUB status. The professionals moved out a while ago. There are a smorgasboard of Private Schools nearby that the kids can get bussed out to.

The shopping centres are very basic and expensive and I have to get in my car and travel to Chermside (15 minutes) in order to buy a pair of shoes or clothes and to Aspley (10 minutes) to get a cartridge for my printer. Dont dare get sick and want an appointment at your doctor that same day. You will have to wait three days to see your doctor, and about a month to see your dentist. The nearest hospital is at Chermside, I know where the free parking is, and it is better than going to the Royal Brisbane.

The nearset train is ten minutes away and then it takes 30 min to the CBD. If you leave your car at the station, it may not be there later that night. Having said that, my Y Adult son who has a disability gets the train home from the Valley sometimes at 2 am and expects us to pick him up. Neither of us have been mugged yet. We previously lived at Strathpine, and AC is a huge step up.

However if you dont want to get a bus to the universities or the city, and you are happy to drive everywhere, then it is a nice leafy suburb. My Dh rides his motorcycle to the CBD each day in half an hour peak times. It would take him 70 minutes by bus.
Albany Creek

Andre A and all,

Many thanks for your reply.

I cannot locate Albany Creek as suburb name in, it is not in the dropdown list. Do you know which council it is under?

Jaspreet SIngh
Andre A and all,

Many thanks for your reply.

I cannot locate Albany Creek as suburb name in, it is not in the dropdown list. Do you know which council it is under?

Jaspreet SIngh
Curious as to how your investing went Jaspreet?