Alderley or Morningside

How much are you willing to pay for a brand new 3 bedrooms townhouse in Morningside

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Alderley or Morningside in Brisbane

Hi all,

I am looking for an IP in either Alderley or Morningside, probably LMR 800sqm lot near train station. Which suburb will have higher potential in capital growth ? Any comments on these suburbs ?

Your opinions will be greatly appreciated :)

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I lived at Morningside for a couple of years and have been living in Alderley for about 8 years now. Both are good suburbs and I don’t think you could go wrong with either really.

I think it’s great you are looking at buying near a train station, to me that’s essential, people want the option of train or bus. The Alderley train station is busy, there’s a lot more people living here than when we first moved to the suburb. There has been a few unit developments in the area and Bi Lo (across from Alderley train station) is going to be redeveloped next year. Check it out here Village.pdf. This will make a considerable difference to the area. Also Chermside (major shopping centre) is about a 15 minute drive from Alderley.

According to my partner (he’s a tradie) it’s an easier trip in the car into the city from Alderley than Morningside. But I did enjoy living in Morningside, and there has been a lot of redevelopment in that area, just haven’t lived there for so long I can’t really comment.
Here is a growth chart of the last 15 years for houses and units comparing both suburbs


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I go to alderley (it seems) near weekly and have worked that area on and off for @10 years as I have quite a nice little patch of clients there. The prices for housing there continue to astound me...

Theres a double block at the end of Hilda for auction this weekend I think it is - agents looking over 800k. 3 bedder qld'er on it.

Single block unreno'd stuff - 3 bedders - usually decent stuff over 500 easy but you'll be spending money on it.

I went thru this place about a month ago - and even that would need quite a few k put into it. Drummy floors, leaky roof... etc.

Summary is - depends what your budget is going to allow - many have trouble outlaying 800k+ for a double block in Alderley. Not saying you do BTW.
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