Alexandra, Vic

What are people's thoughts on Alexandra, Vic (near Eildon)

Never been there but it sounds like a pretty place.

But it strikes me as a backwater far, far away from major industries, railways, universities, interstate highways and all the good things that create jobs and guarantee an unending supply of tenants.

Buy there if you like the lifestyle, but for an IP I'd imagine the banks would baulk at the town's 2000 population.

It's cold in winter and gets some income from passing snow traffic. I wouldn't be putting any money on anything so weather dependent given the risks posed by global warming.
I have actually been there but many many years ago. Very picturesque.

Just like any property investment you need to look at demand and supply.

I suspect that with a small town like that with a lot of land around there is a huge potential of supply.

I don't know about the local economy, but unless there is something really motivating people to go and live there, there may well not be much demand either.

It's possible there may be cash flow. But I'd suspect there is not much growth potential whatsoever.
I dont know much about Alexandra. I just bought a property in Goughs Bay. Its about 15 mins past Mansfield on Lake Eildon. Its on the road to Jamieson.

I am intending to turn it into a holiday rental. Lake Eildon is only at 20% capacity. But its in the high country and can be used in winter too as its only a short drive to Mt Buller.

Its a 2.5hr drive from home in Aspendale. Up Eastlink makes the drive quicker than it would have been 18 months ago.

I believe this area, including Alexandra is very much under rated.