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From: Marty Jones

Hello All,
As person very new to the world property investing can I first say thankyou to all of you for taking the time to share your knowledge with people like myself. I have only stumbled onto this site recently and with all the different ideas and views being put forward its almost like information overload. Its been great!
Now onto my problem, which I hope some of you can help me with. If you look at my profile you will notice that I live in a place called Roxby Downs. Which , if you look at a map, you will see you can get to by going to the middle of nowhere and then heading north. How ( I've read enough to know to ask 'How' not 'If') can I find properties in good capital growth areas ( ie capital cities) with a positive cashflow. I'm not against negative gearing but some on this forum seem to be achieving what I would like to do and I would like to know how I can from where I am. Obviously I cant go to weekend viewings so what I am after is more in the line of websites, books, property listings - tools that will enable me to get to know what's happening from a remote location.
Thanks in advance
(Don't be an Impala)

PS I have never posted anywhere before so if I have made some blunders I apologise.
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From: Rolf Latham

Hi Marty

How times have changed. In my old days of doing bush geology you had to be happy if you could get out with your HF radio, now theres the internet.

The best option for you Marty may be whats called a buyers agent. This is somone with specific property sourcing skills that you pay to source property to suit your criteria.

Many of my expatriate Oz clients os do their property investing this way.


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From: Sim' Hampel

Hi Marty,

Good to see someone from Roxby on the forum !

I spent about 9 months (3 visits at 3 months each) at Roxby Downs while I was at uni about 8 or so years ago... working in the IT department doing PC/Network tech support.

Was an extremely interesting place.

At the time, the town was still essentially company controlled, with a long waiting list to buy a house (subsidised by WMC). Rentals were practically impossible to find, relegating many people to the "single mens" quaters, kind of like a motel and not suited to families at all.

These days I notice a few of the Adelaide agents advertising property for sale up there for between 6% and 8% yields. I would have though that this was rather low, although I suppose the houses being advertised were relatively new.

Have you had a chance to look at the local market and make any judgements on how it's going ?

I would assume that there has been heaps of new development in the town since I was there last, especially with the mine expansion project over recent years. They were just in the process of dropping the second shaft at the mine when I was there... from what I've heard, there's much more happened since !

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