Alternative to Google map with higher resolution

Cheers for the great find!

We have been travelling for 6 months and was great to see updated pics (16th Feb) of the area around our IP (Playford Alive Development, SA) and the huge progress they have made since we left in Dec. Also the quality is fantastic!

Definitely Bookmarked :D
I was getting excited as I zoomed in on my farm after the comments here, but for my area it's no good. Lucky to make out a paddock of 200 hectares. On google maps I can see cars and tractors.

It's in my favourites anyway, just for looking about the cities.

See ya's.
Thats cool...I am actually able to see before, during and after aerial shots of my latest (well, only...) reno!;)

thats awesome, thanks heaps.
Its going to be my new map source for sure. I can even see myself, car and trailer in a photo when I was renoing. Its fast and has a great zoom, plus the option of 4 pics to get a time lapse happening. Should be great to see developments in a target area.
excellent resource HA. how'd you find it?

Mate of mine was discussing an extension he had done and whether permission would have been required.

A government type person was telling him that he would have been able to get away without approval 'as even in this program it doesn't show up clearly'. The program happened to be 'nearmap'.

Apparently the authors are trying to sell it to councils and the like.

I thought the SS crowd would appreciate it.;):D

Awesome site, but of course the before and after pics make it even easier for local councils to track down unapproved work....or cheating spouses to get caught!
In Adelaide it's fun to switch between winter and summer time frames - see the grass on properties go from a beautiful green to a yellow/brown dust bowl in one click. :D

I often wonder why Google don't update their satellite images more often, and don't get me started on the RP Data overlay - still the same image from almost 4yrs ago! This site proves it can be done regularly, and I would assume the cost wouldn't be overly prohibitive considering these guys are doing it without having anywhere near as many major clients using it yet. :mad:
What is interesting is the angle from which the satellite takes the photos. It varies significantly in the pics below.

Look at the centre house, and compare the house's left side roof line and the carport's right side roof line, with the fence lines. careful how you interpret satellite images.


Wow Handyandy, kudos for that link. A very valuable bookmark.

Magnificent resolution, good useability, the sliding timebar is a bonus, free for personal use, there isn't much not to like.
Yep, that would be because they're not satellite photos, they're aerial photos taken from a plane hence the ability to take offset photos :)

Wow....hope they can make their business plan work without satellites.

Seems like they are pushing hard to sell licences to LGAs. I know Moreton Shire Council outside Brisbane spends a motza on helicopter flights to check who is building illegal outbuildings on acreages.

I thought i would keep that card up my sleeve. Now everyone knows! Arrggh.

The maps are so damn good you can see if a place has a septic tank! Green patch lookin all lonely by itself in the back yard. Usually square of course. Sometimes the maps are only 4weeks behind!!!:eek:

Take google for instance. A whole year!!:eek: even 3 in some places of the world