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From: Dale Gatherum-Goss


I was mulling over a few things earlier and thought that it might be worthwhile me mentioning a little clause in the tax act.


This section basically says that if your accountant lodges an incorrect tax return and you are fined, then, he/she MUST pay that fine.

I hope it never applies to you, but, perhaps it is worth knowing just in case . . .

Have fun

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From: Ian Parham

G'day Dale & All

....probably stating the obvious here Dale but there is an onus on the individual to supply the accountant with the correct information in the first instance.

If the correct info has been supplied and the accountant has then been found to be erroneous, then by all means he/she is responsible.

I only responded to this simply to ensure members of the forum are quite clear on their responsibilities (you must supply the correct info)...there is no ambiguity!

Cheers Ian
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