Andrew Wilson's Australian Housing Market Report - Sydney Surge To Continue

(Just spreading the knowledge)

This was presented to an audience in Sydney a couple of weeks ago.

The whole thing is up here, in sequence:

Naturally, it lacks a little depth without the accompanying presentation and supplementary info, but nonetheless, there's some powerfully useful--and insightful--data.

I'll embed a handful of slides below too, bear with me.




I've seen that first graph before this year. Quite good. Good post Richard.

If anyone sees info on regionals like these graphs, please post or add the link. :)
There is so many new construction going on every where I go in Sydney, there is a real chance at some stage down the track there will be an over supply of housing

Because of the high price of housing, population growth will remain flat as people move to other state.

Under supply and population growth has been the main pillars that supported the Sydney market for years. Take them away and will be shaky. Better hope the economy is as strong as Delloitte report predicts