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From: Kristine .

Dear Jan and Ian

What a Brave New World! The old format was way fun, with the threads nested together and the surprise factor of opening a post.

Here, it is all clean and fresh and at a glance.

However, I really appreciate that you make this forum available, and for those who don't want their email address displayed, there is already a hint on how to remove it. Equally, it is the work of a moment to open a new email account with your nom de plume, an account which you can these use on other forums.

It would be a real shame to lose the spontaneity and flow of the forum, just because we are feeling bashful.

ps I composed a wonderful reply to The Wife this afternoon, but now I don't know where it is. Oh, well, back to the keyboard.

Kristine - the Girl!!
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From: Peter Davidson


Take time to explore the new format. It's a heap better and has many, many useful features. Enjoy!
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From: Gee Cee Clay

Why don't you join me and we can do the I.T. engineering course together.

Give up property and we can join all the other I.T. people posting here that want to join us on the outer circle away from the Rat Race.

Gee Cee

The old conservative CYNICAL one
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