Another confession from GoAnna! - I have become weary of property

As you all know I have been passionate about property for years. I guess since 2000 when I walked out of my job with GoMichael's support . I can't believe how much we have achieved since then...WAY more than I could ever have dreamed of.....but over recent months I have come to realise that I am just walking through the motions. The passion has gone. It may come back. Maybe I just need a break. Who knows.

Anyway I have decided to try and wean myself off somersoft and go in search of new passions and to focus on the neglected areas of my life.

I don't want to lose touch with the many wonderful people I have met on somersoft and will sometimes join you at the social dinners etc. If you went to keep in touch just e-mail me.
Go forth and have fun!

Thankyou so much for all your sharing of experiences and knowledge, wonderful humor and just being you and such an inspiration to a young and green obsessional wanna be property investor.:)

All the best mate.
aaww...I think it's very normal. I wonder off then come back then off again.

Thanks for all your contribution to the forum.

If you just want to keep in touch from time to time then you can always post in the coffee lounge too!!
Hi GoAnna,

congratulations on your achievements over the past nine odd years. Whilst I haven't met you, I for one, will miss your posts for their clarity and logical thought process that accompanies the significant information you've shared.

You need to do what you need to do. Balance is very important. Reward yourself now by pursuing whatever else your gut/heart tells you to do. You've set up a portfolio that can now run on auto-pilot for while. You (or any of us for that matter) don't need to keep accumulating just for the sake of it.

You may find that you return with fresh eyes and hunger to pursue this property investing beast again......and if not, then that's OK too. There is no right or wrong here.

Bottom line is that what you've done (most importantly with your husband's blessing, support and cooperation) was done and pursued with a passion because you had a strong enough "WHY". Core values are what drive us.........I'd bet your why, first and foremost involved your family. Enjoy now and kick back and pursue other interests.....and enjoy your family even more. Most of us here do this to enable us to have more choices and freedom in our make some different choices.

I hope you do attend some future dinners as I haven't had the pleasure to meet you in person......I've been slack; a year on this board and I haven't notched up a maiden dinner/meeting yet in Melbourne.

Good luck with what you pursue and thanks for contributing to this forum with positivity and coherent informative material. You will be missed.
We'll miss you, GoAnna! In fact, I'd already noticed your decreasing post frequency. That's OK; go and get excited about something else. You have earned the privilege of having options, so take advantage of it!

I still expect an iced coffee when I'm in Melbourne, girl. :D
HI Goanna, It has been a pleasure to meet you here in cyberspace. Good luck on your future journeys, hopefully we will see you back one day.

I would also like to put on record that, although I have never met you, I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts over the years... they have been very much appreciated...

wishing you every success with your new passions(s)...


aahaa! We know you love to write, so I hope you one day write a book for dummies, on investing.
Send me a pm if you ever do, I'll buy it! ( Though I hope I'm not still a dummy by then! )
I will miss your voice of reason and sensible answers. You always seem to be able to cut the waffle and get to the point.

Pop back now and then to say Hi.

Pity to see you leave GoAnna,

Hopefully its only for some R&R and you rejoin the SS family, we'll be laughing, crying, winning, losing, fighting, convelescing, thinking, dreaming, planning etc in your abscence

please ensure you drop in and visit for a chat from time to time ;)

It took me about two years to recover my enthusiasm , though I'm no where near as prolific as I used to me , and geee, now I even have days where I don't come onto the forum :)

Come in and say hello every so often .

Hi GoAnna

I think it's called maturity.

When we first start something, it's as if we have discovered something unique.

We get fired up, we burn the midnight oil, we preach to anyone who will listen and to many who won't.

As time goes by, we find other people who share our passion and we learn from them, and other people learn from us, and on it goes.

But one day, we wake up and realise that we have been there, done that.

Time to move through to another stage in our life.

This doesn't mean that we throw the baby out with the bath water, but that we don't have to be living, breathing, saying the same thing over and over again for it to have meaning.

You and GoMichael have put in the hard yards, walked the talk. If you have said it all before then time for property to become the background ticking noise rather than the full alert siren all day long.

Go and enjoy the roses, your children, your life.

Thanks for your Words of Wisdom over the years. You have done some very brave things and some very complex things and made a success of it all


Best wishes to you (plural) and of course we would like to see you at the various gatherings and events when you feel so inclined.

Running a property business is the best sort of business. It will continue to tick along even when you no longer have the fire in the belly, it doesn't know that and will continue to serve you well even if you ignored it now for evermore!

Hope you have a great time doing whatever you do next

Well said Kristine.

GoAnna, I have also enjoyed reading your posts and wish you well on the next chapter in this thing we call life. Hope to see you back at some stage, even if it is to just say g'day.

Good luck, get out there and enjoy doing stuff, try new things put some energy into something different.

Thanks for your input and contribution it's been good to read what you have done and learn from it.


I can understand where you are coming from and wish you all the best. As you say, maybe you need a break from it all. These times can be all consuming with such doom and gloom about.

Thank-you again for your wonderful support and I will drop you a line every now and then to see how you are faring.:):):)

Regards JO