Another loan advice please.

I am looking for some advice on getting another property investment loan. My wife and I both operate our own businesses and only have 1 tax return each from these newish businesses with a combined income of approx $95,000(08/09). However this year (09-10) the combined total will be approx $170,000

We currently own 2 investment properties. A unit in Sydney worth $450,000 (loan $312,000, rent $600/week) and a terrace in inner west Sydney worth $750,000 (loan $512,000, rent $700/week). We live in a very nice rent free deal and have no other loans etc.

I have spoken to our mortgage broker about getting another loan and he said we will have to wait till we put in 09/10 tax returns. I just wanted to know if there is a more immediate way to get a loan? Ideally by refinancing and using some of our existing equity.

Usually you need two years of business figures, however you might be able to get around with one if you are prepared to pay a higher interest rate.