Another noise problem

I would really appreciate advice on the following situation:

My house (which I soon hope to make into a rental) has new neighbours. They are a bunch of young ferals who have large gatherings/parties on average 4 times a week. Often, they will have loud music, shouting, door slamming, glass breaking and cars revving and screeching in and out. One morning I found an egg splattered all over my garden gates.

I have tried calling the police but that doesn't seem to deter them. The council told me its out of their hands if its out of work hours, which it is.

The main problem is noise. They go throughout the night, until 7-8 in the morning. Unfortunately, our bedroom windows are about 2-3 meters away from the fence that separates our backyard and theirs. So even when the music is off, and they are just talking at normal levels in their backyard, we can hear them and it's impossible to sleep.

What do I do about this????

It seems there is no way to stop or evict them. Or is there?

What is the best sound-proofing solution? I've looked elsewhere on this forum and saw that is not recommended. Is that the same as double glazing?? If not, is double glazing the answer?

Is there anything else I can do?

Sorry for long-winded post, just desperate to solve this problem!
Have you introduced yourself as their neighbour & told them how you feel about the 'noise'? Although they might be giving you the shites, unless you bring it up, maybe they don't know how loud they are. Seriously!
Have you introduced yourself as their neighbour & told them how you feel about the 'noise'? Although they might be giving you the shites, unless you bring it up, maybe they don't know how loud they are. Seriously!

Yes, I have done that, several times. They nod and say they'll tone it down, but of course they don't.
maybe not the best answer, but.... you say 'they go all night until 7-8 in the morning'

i think thats the perfect time to bring out that lawn mower and whipper snipper at the earliest legal time and get that garden looking perfect every day! :D

or get a large dog, that barks at the fence all night long.

you can find out who owns the property through the local council, but DON'T ring them and tell them you want to know who the owners are. You NEED TO go up to the council with some ID and tell them 'you want to replace the fence between your two properties'. that is the only way 'by law' that they will give you any info. they don't inspect the property and should ablige.

only way to to find out agent who manages it is, ring around unfortunately and put it in an email to them (that way you can trace your complaints). and be really nice to them and say things like 'oh i just hate being a pain and complaining', 'so sorry to waste your time on this, i am sure you are so busy'. :D

hope u find some peace and quiet of your home soon
I really feel for you KGB...have you spoken to any of your other neighbours to see if they are having simliar issues with these tenants?

I also really like onthemove's suggestions of getting out the lawn mower or cranking up your music early in the morning / whenever they are trying to sleep...bit naughty but sometimes you need to fight fire with fire to get through to inconsiderate people :)
Invite a friends band to play in your back yard on a sunday morning.
Religious songs work best, though Johny Cash and Hank Williams also do fine.

You can also complain to police and get a "noise abatement order", and that will include them talking loud at night.
I had a similar problem a while ago.

I stuck my head over the fence and asked them nicely to turn it down, but when that didn't get me anywhere, I went a little crazy, and with an insane look, screamed as loudly as I could, that "i'm asking them nicely to turn the fuking $#it down!!!"

Haven't had a problem since. There's something about coming across as a total psycho that people tend to respect :)
We had the same problem and worse, always major drama going, police called on many occasions, itinerant feral floaters. Evict one lot and the same came again. We were in a block of 4 townhouses and were never game to say anything, but the renterguy in the townhouse next door wouldn't hesitate to say something and the ferals would tone it down for a while. The interesting thing is renterguy and wife could have moved anytime and always tossed up when the lease was due, but always ended up resigning, had been there for years. We (I actually) was in a panic we would not be able to keep tenants when we moved out (or worse, not even get any if there was a fight going on at the open house) but we got a lovely couple in, have been there for 7 mths they dont look like moving out (it was only a 6mths lease as the RE told me that was normal on the GC) So, long and short of it, dont sweat too much about it all.
Hee hee, you could have a good laugh doing what vincenzo suggested!

I second the idea of acting like a nutter! Even the most intimidating thug would have a hard time knowing how to react to a compete crazy ;)
I had this problem with my own tenants about a year ago. Didn't know about it for months because the property manager didn't tell me - rather, a neighbouring owner tracked down my details for a title search and got in touch with me directly. After I found out, I conducted an inspection and saw the shambolic state of the place and bumped into other neighbours who told me even more horror stories about my tenants' noctural activities. The property manager hadn't told me anything whatsoever despite them apparently receiving lots of complaints from neighbours!

It wasn't worth further upsetting my neighbours for future fencing and security reasons, and as the lease was soon expiring, I evicted the tenants according to the 120-days-for-no-reason clause in the Residential Tenancies Act (Vic). Have new tenants now who the neighbours LOVE!

Relevance of the story? The landlord of your neighbouring property may have no clue what is going on because the property manager is not keeping them informed. Do a title search of the property at the Land Titles Office for a small fee and write to the property owner directly or ring them by looking them up in the phone book. This has a good chance of the owner springing into action to ensure he/she maintains a good relationship with you as their neighbour.

By the way, I sacked the property manager and now self-manage: couldn't be happier! :)