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From: T I

I was quoted approx $400 for a 5 year depreciation schedual from 1st QS and $900 for a 10 year schedual from another QS. I was wondering what the advantages or disadvantages would be between the two.

Thanks for any replies.
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From: Rixter ®

It should be at least a 40 year report and the going rate would be between $400 - $600 for Residential property located in metropolitan suburbs
Happy Investing,
Rixter :)
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From: Manny B

Hi TI,

my accountant said that even if the Depreciation Schedule only goes up to 5 years, he can still continue depreciating for the life of the item, as he has the opening value on the schedule & uses that to go by, therefore I can't see a reason why you should pay more for a 10year, as your accountant can continue depreciating beyond the 5 years...


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From: Dale Gatherum-Goss


That is correct, the depreciation schedule just gives you a starting point. That's all.

Have fun

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