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From: William Blake

Hi everyone!!

Another seminar - Hmmm

I have just booked for The Investment Institute's Melbourne Seminar and can't wait to hear from Dolf De Roos and David Novac etc...

I have been to a few seminars in my time and have generally been appalled by all the hidden agendas - ie. selling property, software etc

Sceptics are as sceptics will be ( I've just watched Forrest Gump tonight) but I am sick of seminars telling us we should buy one type of property and then having that company try to sell us that type of property (you know who you are) - hardly an objective view.

An Investment educator that is not selling property or finance, that offers top quality education with no hidden agendas .. hmmm ... - sounds good - Hi Paul (Paul Murphy), read your postings.. see you April 2

William Blake
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From: Paul Murphy


Thanks for booking in for our Wealth Through Knowledge seminar.

I have been around for a long time and seen so many people burnt by attending a seminar, only then to fall for a "free trip to the Gold Coast" to buy an over-valued property, or purchasing some other developers property that just doesn't cut it as an investment.

It has always frustrated me that if these people took the time to learn before jumping in as a property investor, they would not only minimise their mistakes, but also maximise their profits. Trouble is, too few people take the time, or make the effort to learn and undertake research first. Too many people are just looking for the quick-fix and instant riches, and take what appears to be the easy way out.

Many (but not all)of the get-rich-quick seminars are put on by a whole new breed of professional marketers. Investment property used to be sold just by estate agents, then we had project marketers, then we had property investment marketers, then property investment specialists, then investment clubs. Now we have "educators" - but they are often after the same result - to sell property.

In some cases, the property they sell is OK. In many other cases, though, it's not. How do you tell which is OK and which is not? Simple - get educated, get the knowledge and do your research. If more people took the time and put in the effort, far fewer people would have been caught by the two-tiered marketers from the Gold Coast and all the other slick property marketers in whatever disguise they use.

William, you are right. The Institute doesn't sell property, we don't sell or recommend shares, and we don't provide finance. Our training courses are designed to equip our attendees with a complete knowledge of how to make money, teach them every aspect and alternative, and get them to a stage where they are in a position to decide how and into what they wish to invest. Nobody will look after your money or financial future better than you, so we aim to equip you with the knowledge to control your own financial future.

Sure, at our seminar we will be explaining in more detail about The Institute and our training courses, but mostly Dolf de Roos and David Novac will be providing solid education and facts on how they have made millions in the property and share markets, and how average Australian's can achieve similar results given the knowledge and correct mental attitude. You will certainly learn from these two experts.

I can assure you of one thing - you will NOT have to worry about being sold a property, books, shares etc.

I look forward to seeing you on 2nd April and thanks for your comments.

Paul Murphy
The Investment Institute
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From: Michael Yardney

As somebody who has been either directly or indirectly involved with investment property for almost 30 years, I think the concept of the Investment Institute is a marvelous one for inexperienced investors. I wish this sort of thing was around years ago when I started.
In the 70’s the only information I could get my hands on was books from America which didn’t translate well to the Australian property market, so I had to teach myself.
In the 80’s Jan Somers was a pioneer with her first book and since then there have been a swag of books to choose from.
Along the way there have been the property marketers or seminar presenters, many of them offering a “get rich quick” scheme. Those who came to my recent seminar know I warned against these get rich quick schemes. I have been around long enough to know there is no such thing as a free lunch.
It seems like the Investment Institute is the next wave of investment information available to the public where unbiased professional information is provided for those who are prepared to pay for it.
In this age of the internet, too many people are expecting information, help and knowledge for free without being prepared to do the hard work, the groundwork that is required to become a successful investor.
Good luck Paul, I have looked at your website. Your course outlines seem comprehensive and your advisors have impeccable credentials.
I hope your concept gets the support it deserves.

Michael Yardney Metropole Properties
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