Anthony Robbins seminar

From: Geoff Whitfield


I've just found out about an Anthony Robbins seminar in Sydney in October.

I've been to Peter Spann's seminars, and learnt about investing. And I've seen some of the (presumably) Robbins-inspired hype.

I'm sort of interested, and asked my wife if she was interested.

That weekend is my daughter's first w/e as a teenager. She lacks self-confidence in a big way. My wife was wondering if my daughter would get more out of it than herself.

Has anyone been? What about thoughts as to usefulness to a new teenager?
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From: Joanna K

I did the Anthony Robbins weekend about 6 years ago. I was 22 at the time.

I was a remarkable experience for me.

Your daughter will get heaps out of it, especially if she does lack confidence. I still implement alot of what I learnt from it.

Kind regards

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From: Jerry Maguire

the firewalk will blow your daughter Geoff.
if she did that she basically overcome whats in her mind and believe me she will have a lot more self confidence and become a new person
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From: Michael Yardney

I have been and regretted not taking my teenage children
I would recommend you take her, especially if she is a little shy.
She will be taught that she can do ANYTHING she puts her mind to
Michael Yardney
Metropole Properties
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From: Khurram Saeed

Also, just adding to what the others just said, buy his book Awaken the Giant Within and ask her to read it before you guys go...this sounds a bit corny...but it will change her life and your life for EVER...if you use 10% of what he will teach...i am doing his Unlimited Power II CD course for 30 days...the best money I ever spent in my life...YOU MUST TAKE HER .. its a must
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From: John T

Do it...take your Daughter and don't hesitate for a moment. It is a truly remarkable experience.
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