Any Geologists on here?

So The Husband and I figured out we butt heads too much with both of us in one business. As such I'm stepping out. I now get to play "what do I want to be next". Looking at going back to uni and either doing a Bachelors or a grad dip in Geology. (Other options are currently Accountant, Town Planner, project manager, or resource economist (minerals and agri).

I realise there's a huge range of jobs stemming from this - just wondering if anyones in the industry and if they'd mind answering a few questions?


I have an honours piece of paper in rocket science :)

oops sorry rick science

If u do Geo work be prepared for a fair bit of bush time OR focus on high value city based wtrk such as geotec or hydro.

The challenge with both of this is that a grad dip or a Bachelors wont cut it.

In the current times of resource boom, there seems to be plenty of work.

When I gace it away directly in the early to mid 90s to focus of IT and Biz Mgt consultung, 4 retrenchments in 4 years suggested it was a very fickle industry



Thanks guys

I'm happy doing bush time, don't care about facilities or that kind of stuff and am used to lugging big packs around plus grumpy team mates for 10days or more at a time.

Rolf from what you've said I'd either need to go full on Masters plus research, or Bachelors with honours plus an entry into Masters for future?
forget accounting for the mean time!

Just finishing my last 2 subjects for my degree at the moment, was working in the field as an accountant for a large company, then the industry went pear shaped and got the redundancy package. Needless to say, have been off work for a year now, absolutely no work in the field unless you have very good strong contacts. Even today, companies are putting holds on hiring, and distributing heavier workloads to the staff they have.

Good luck with whatever option your pick, just be very wise and have a realistic plan in place.
Amanda , i think your an awsome , "balsy" chick and you seem to make great property choices , i think you need 3 more like the last, and then you could be a professional bludger, :D
I got into siesmic without a degree
sitting on the back of a ship making alot
of noise and recording the echos.
Got to travel all over the world
5 weeks on/off
Hi Mooze, I am a geologist currently working in coal on the east coast. Over the last 20 yrs I have worked all over aust in a number of commodities. There are may options in the geoscience area so don't feel that you have to do FIFO work. I see that you are in the ACT, ANU has a good earth science school.