Any good PM in Goodna (QLD) that you recommend?

Hi all,

I'm in look of a PM in Goodna area. The property is located less than 1k from the train station..

any suggestions?


We use Ray White Goodna (opp Goodna shopping centre) - Ph:07 3280 8500.

They have an unusual way of property managing by having a different person look after each aspect of the PM work. You don't get one person solely looking after your property but a team of people. It's strange at first, but it's seems to have worked well for the past 18 months. We have 2 x IP's with them.

Thanks! it's been difficult, sometimes I feel like I have to be calling them all the time just to give me the full costs, etc. Will try that number

If you still haven't found a manager in Goodna, we'd be happy to assist. Check out our website

We provide full service property management and also a DIY system which is considerably cheaper. We also offer full internet and phone access for both yourself and your tenants to access rent payments, etc.