any thoughts on Dolf deRoos' RDPD book?

From: Nigel W

Hi All

Just glanced thru this latest in the line of Rich Dad adviser's books quickly at the bookstore (had to move on before they asked me to buy it!)

Has anyone lashed out on it?

From a quick glance the first half of this fairly slim volume deals with the whys of property vs other investments. Well I certainly agreed with all his reasons why its the best asset class and i suppose the fact we're on this forum means we're all convinced its a good asset class to be in.

The 2nd half of the book is the "How". Like most of the RDPD series its heavy on anecdotes of killer +vely geared and ridiculuously cheap deals but short on detail. But then again massive detail is not what one looks for in a RDPD book.

I have to agree with TW's comment some time ago that she got bored with the RDPD books...I did after the 1st one. But having said that, I think RDPD is a seminal work and was something of a wake up call for me. It explained what but not the detailed how - but then you shouldn't expect it to.

I'm probably sounding a bit negative here about Dolf's work. So I should say that I think his material and approach is good (hey its worked for him!) and he and Jan have written a cracker of a software product. My concern from my quick perusal, is that half of this book is filler space for people already grounded in the fundamentals, and the balance of it is probably too general to help a newbie.

A useful distinction made in the book was that whilst yield and cash on cash return are important figures, it is the overall internal rate of return which gives the true "apples vs apples" figure with which to compare different properties.

Just some random ramblings from a brief skim.

Maybe we need a forum dealing with literature and training materials etc where people review different works?

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From: Nigel W

Sly Dog

I think I said something like "he and Jan" have written a good program. I assumed we all knew that was Jan Somers...

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From: Ray .

Hi All,
Once you grasp the concept of "Good
Debt--Bad Debt " from the RDPD books, the
rest becomes a repetitive boring waffle of
anecdotes .Just my opinion ( neither right nor
wrong ! )
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From: Peter Martin

Haven't read Dolf's book but I did go and see his evening session in Melbourne last week.

Usually when I go to see these guys I'm hoping to pick up one or two tidbits that I can take away and apply. With Dolf I really came away with nothing. His pitch is so general and seems to be aimed so broadly that I think unless you had just wandered in off the street and had never heard of IP you would have found the whole thing vaguely unsatisfying.

I'm not even sure what his point was, other than "IP is the best form of investment". Well, I agree with that Dolf. What else can you tell me?

Having said that, he's a terrific public speaker. If property ever becomes a crime he could make a living talking about anything.

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From: Anonymous

I went to the seminar and bought the book. The book is a run down of the seminar. Wasn't very happy to pay twice for the same words. Agree with previous post.
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