any UK info urgently needed on poss' scam

Hi People.

I see there are UK members about and I'm seriously hoping one of you or anybody for that matter that has the means , could check out some London info for me please.

I will need you to PM me as soon as you can if poss' as I can't really go printing names and details publicly .

I recently sold a property to a UK buyer . Now really I don't have real reasons or problems as yet and it is going through my solicitor and so hopefully , all will be legit.
But going on some of the UK property scams I've been checking up on . I am a bit worried.

Maybe somebody familiar with London property /investors, any scams , addresses , I don't know , anything, might know something or be possibly able to do some quick checks for me.

Thanks for your help and please just pm so that I can forward you the info.

Cheers and thanks in advance.
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