Anybody interested in buy>renovate>sell?

From: Adrian See

Hello gurus and others

I want to do a renovation job on a house for some quick cash, maybe a few houses. I might even keep one or 2 for rentals after completion if I have built enough instant equity which would allow me to borrow more for another deal. I would like to consider doing this full time one after the other. I am working in the building industry and can do most of the work myself, or get a couple of builder friends to help me.

Does anybody else on this forum do this? What results have you achieved?
I am in the Sydney area so if anybody is interested in doing the same then please contact me to work something out.

All the best

Adrian See
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From: Michael Croft

Hi Adrian - been doing it for decades what specifically would you like to know?

Renos have been discussed a few times on the forum, I suggest you do a search of the archive first.


Michael Croft
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From: Jacque Parker

Did you see the couple on Hot Auctions who do this for a living and are up to no. 51? they are both very handy, resourceful and extremely good at what they do. It can be done, and with your skills as a builder, you will save SO MUCH MONEY! As long as you also have a reliable plumber, electrician, tiler and landscaper... if you do let me know! Good luck! Cheers, Jacque :)
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