Anyone Been to Paul & Danny Hanna Seminars?



From: Randy Juanta

Hi all
Just wondering if anybody has been to the "Unlimited Wealth "Seminar by Danny & Paul Hanna ($59 admission)? Any comments? I've never heard of these names in property circles before. Is it the same seminar by Henry Kaye who I believe has a similarly-titled seminar.

Randy Juanta
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From: Jane B

Hi Randy,

Yes, I've been. No, they're nothing to do with Henry Kaye (I think they'd be horrified by the idea).

I found them brilliant - full of good ideas & info, lots of different techniques & advice, plus they came across as people of integrity.

I very nearly didn't go (but I figure even 1 good idea is worth an evening and a few $$) - I'm really glad I did and more than got my money's worth.
Jane B
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