Anyone been to Spain

Which cities to visit. What to do in those cities. Any travellers tips.......would be much appreciated

was thinking 3 weeks over their summer vacation period. 1 week Madrid, 1 week Majorca, 1 week Barcelona or Valencia. but nothing in concrete yet.
Depends what you like.

I love different architecture so absolutely adored Barcelona. WE flew into Barcelona that trip and stayed there for 10 days, I still didn't see everything I wanted!!!!

On another trip we flew into Malaga when we stayed at Nerja on the coast and from there were able to go into the country areas around Archez, where we found some amazing buildings, I downloaded some photos to the gallery on our return. We were able to do bus trips to Granada but ran out of time to really see all that Granada has to offer, we really needed to stay there for a few days.

We caught the train from Malaga to Seville which was great, we stayed there for 4 days, the cathedral and the atmosphere around the city was fantastic.

Northern Spain was quite different, with a lot less tourists, we caught the train and went up into the mountains to Leon, which was fascinating, the cathedral, the city and the way of life was quite different.

Wherever you go you will have a great time, the people were so friendly, the buses and trains were cheap and plentiful and easy to work out.

Have a great time

We stayed a week in Malaga (on the way home from a 6 week trip). We intended to laze by the pool all week but went exploring instead.

We hired a car for the week (cheaper than the airport transfers). We drove around the area, to Ronda (amazing). The countryside is so beautiful.

I want to stay in Barcelona next time and we definitely want to see more of Spain.

Do not, however, do the day trip to Morocco. It's too rushed. I'd like to also stay there at least a few days.
I would recommend Minorca over Majorca - Much quieter and more scenic, less touristy and party town. The local gin and macaroons they make there are great too.
We stayed in a little village on the north of the island where the Spanish royal family holiday and it was bliss
Another vote for Barcelona. Then drive To Andorra for the duty free shopping. The Pyranees are beautiful but you don't get far in a day.

Madrid looked as I imagine Moscow would look and, while others may know better, El Prado art gallery was all I found.

Not far out of Madrid on the way to Valencia is Quenca. A gem! We made the mistake of spending the day or so in Madrid before hiring our car and got hopelessly lost before we got outa' town. Grab the car at the "airporto" and head out of town towards the Mediterranean and it is only a couple of hours drive. Stay at the Hotel Exucar. Next to it was (is?) a cafe where we had our first sangria. We stayed an extra night the place was so good.

'Tis a long time since I was there and they may have changed but the Paradores are worth looking at for accommodation. Every one is unique in some way and they weren't outrageously expensive.

Toledo was an interesting city and the Parador there had a vista down the valley.

I can think of more but in general I liked the north.

ps. How much I would have given for a GPS. :D

Edit: While it is pronounced with a "Q" the spelling is "Cuenca".

Don Bourke did a TV special on the Alhambra. So popular now that you have to book in advance, apparently. Don't even think about finding your way in without a GPS.
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barcelona is really fun, cosmopolitan....vibrant city. great architecture (gaudi's works) and great food.
granada is a gem....don't miss seeing the alhambra palace.
i didn't like madrid as much but i guess it depends on what you're in to.
Another one for Barthelona! (you have got to say it this way)

Great experience. First time went partied and clubbed around the city. La Rumbla is the best place to watch the days go by.

You get used to the Siestas, and have a quick kip for the next nights partying.

Saw the Rolling Stones play in Bathelona in the Olympic Village on top of the hill. Fantastic.

Other time I went when I was more sedated, and enjoyed the architecture / buildings, and general tourist attractions.

I would give Alicante and Benidorm a big miss. Wasn't going anywhere one christmas while in London, and decided at last minute to fly out to Alicante and shoot down to Benidorm. It was dead, full of dying old Brits, and very English looking. I should have hopped the water and made it to Ibiza.


The only interesting thing I saw to bring home as gifts were playing cards. I know people don't play cards much now but there were some beautiful decks.

One we bought the faces were nudes, but they were all "art" hung in European galleries. You could play with them with your grandmother but so good. I think it was Toledo we saw the best range.
Which cities to visit. What to do in those cities. Any travellers tips.......would be much appreciated

You've got some good suggestions already.
Are you going with friends?
I've heard that pick pockets or gypsies are a nuisance in some places so be aware and avoid them.

Accom will probably be cheaper in June. The European school holidays start in July so if you go earlier it will be less busy.

I like many places but I think you've got to do your own research because we all like different things.