Anyone Developed iPhone Apps

Just a question out there.

The iPhone has some great apps....There are even a few for property.

Just wondering if anyone has developed their own app through Apple's Dev Centre?

It seems as though you can earn a bit of pocket money once you throw it up on iTunes.

Apple take a cut (like ebay or amazon), but the majority of the earnings are sent to you each month. (depending on who downloads your app)

All this for $99 to subscribe to the Apple Dev Centre

Interested to hear any development stories.


You do need an Apple computer to develop it.

Unless you outsource it- there are companies out there where you can build an app for the appropriate $$.

And there are a lot of competitors.

If you have a great idea, go for it.

But otherwise I would not expect to make very much at all.

I was telling some geek mates 12 months ago to develop an app. They may have had a chance then.

It would be more difficult now.
If you have a good idea, why not try Android? It's exploding right now - dozens and dozens of phones and tablets are coming out with this OS.

Very easy to develop for - all you do is download the free Eclipse IDE for Windows, Linux or OSX, add the Android SDK and away you go. The language is essentially Java. Costs $25 to publish the completed app, and the Google approval process is much more relaxed than Apple. You can even distribute apps outside of the store if you want.

I've written a couple of piddling apps and am interested in doing more serious ones, so shoot me a line if you want to chew over some ideas.