Anyone else a fitness class junky?

I definitely am! I've been doing zumba classes now for nearly two years, ranging from once a week to four times a week. Typically I'll get to two classes a week, usually those held after work on Mondays and Wednesdays. Love the endorphin high I get from them, and the instructor who runs them (Sacha) is lovely.

I've also just started xtend barre classes in Wanneroo. It's a completely different kind of workout but absolutely fantastic! My favourite description of it is 'ballet bootcamp'. My first class was last Saturday and I hurt all over for a few days, went back yesterday afternoon and feel fine today. Looking forward to class number 3 tomorrow morning. This is more expensive than zumba (about $20/class, as opposed to $10/class) but it hurts so good!

Anyhow else out there love their fitness classes? What do you do, and how often do you do it?
Hi, I am also another fitness junkie for almost 2 years.

Started out with zumba class and yoga, balance ( mixture of yoga, pilate and taichi), then now move to:
- balance
- body combat ( kick, punch, jump, run..) and pump ( light weight)
- ABT (abs, butts and thighs)
- Core X ( situp, plank, pushup)
about 3-4 times/week and occasionally jogging in between or on the weekends.

It has certainly improved my fitness level and general well being, and toned the body. Addicted to it now :)

Also since exercising, i am also getting better at eating healthy food as i work so hard at it :)

Anh, I used to do body combat back in the day, and loved it! I only stopped because there wasn't anywhere nearby that did it. Also I used to do both ballet (as a kid) and ballroom dancing (as an adult) so I love any dance-based exercise. My husband flatly refuses to dance under any circumstances, so I have to get my kicks where I can :eek:
Running and swimming for me. Becoming addicted to running. Got knee pain and physio told me left glute and leg are weak. Who would have thought!

I have this - I didn't understand it either. My right ITB was killing me but what they said was pretty correct.
I did a lot of work on my hips to get them stable then strengthened my right hip to try and get it even with the left.
Once the hip strength was even I was able to run evenly - I had no idea I wasn't before that.
Unfortunately I've damaged my hip again - no idea what I've done this time - and haven't been able to run for awhile.
Might be time for me to take up swimming,
Weights one day and High Intensity Interval Training the next with one full day off per week at Aquamotion in Wanneroo, including the holy trinity of bodybuilding of dead-lift, squats and bench press.
I prefer to get a strong, aesthetic and lean body via weight training 3 times a week rather than doing long inefficient cardio sessions.
But everyone has their own preference.
Any regular physical activity working your body is better than nothing at all, which is what the majority of the population practice.
Running and bike riding here.

Not enough of either currently, and I get shin splints from running too regularly these days. 3 times a week will see another attack of them.
I have a very boring routine.

5 X cardio sessions per week (x-trainer or treadmill)

3 x weights

I play sports in between.

Without exercise I'd go mad.....and chubby.


I've never done a fitness class in my life! Triathletes are not the most gracefully coordinated :D!

I much prefer getting out in the fresh air and swim/bike/run! When in full training mode for an Ironman, some weeks are circa 25hrs.

Being fit and training has been an integral part of my life! I have been doing Triathlons more than half my life! Love it, never gets boring!

One theory to which I subscribe is that the human heart has only a limited number of beats per lifetime.

Exercise will only accelerate the heart and shorten your life.

Just say "no".
I go to the gym 6 days a week for an hour a day, mixture of weights and cardio. I also do 3 Pilates classes a week. I walk 7 days a week.

It has paid off my last bone scan showed I had 30% higher bone density than people my age. 20 years ago my bone scan showed my bone density to be very weak. I ensure I do weight bearing exercises and take calcium tablets daily.

I do own a bike but still can't ride day I will re-learn and also try and learn to swim again - I am terrified of the water!!

One theory to which I subscribe is that the human heart has only a limited number of beats per lifetime.

Exercise will only accelerate the heart and shorten your life.

Just say "no".

Well I would argue a sedentary person average heart rate over time would be more than a fitter athlete.

During my times of increased fitness, through controlled breathing, and most likely during sleep as well, I can get my heart rate lower than 30bpm. Ask a sedentary person if they can do that over 6-8hrs of sleep! More likely they couldn't get their HR under 60! Also during normal activity a sedentary person will always be higher, and I even suspect nearly the same as a fit athletes aerobic threshold.

Ask an unfit person to hop up quickly from a chair and walk across a few offices briskly - I bet their HR is through the roof. A fit person would probably find it quite easy and HR not rid nearly as far!