Anyone else still have just analogue tv lol


I cant bring myself to buy a digital tv. just dont want to spend the money. i'm thinking i'll buy a new one for next years birthday just in time for the olympics. i missed out on the world athletics championships because it was on sbs 2.

I've thought about buying a digital tv for my bedroom (briefly thought about it off on and on for the past couple of years) but just keep putting it off cos both mine work fine and i really dont need it as theres nothing wrong with my tvs. I have expenses and other expenses will and do crop up from time to time. thats always in the back of my mind.

i could buy a set top box but for only an extra $100 you can get a brand new tv.

you wanna know something funny. when i bought my sharp 51 cm tv some 25 years ago i can remember it cost me around $700. Now that same size can be bought for around the $200 - $300 mark. tv's have come down so much in price!same with computers come to think of it! i can remember spending around $4000 back in the early 90's for an ibm, now you can pay a quarter of that and get something so much more power.
We have a great big analogue TV happily playing digital TV (so the thread title is a bit ambiguous) and has been doing so for several years now.

Haven't watched analogue TV on the analogue TV for aaaaaaaaaages.

How can you survive without digital? Just scoot ahead a few days on the program guide, pick what you want to record, and when you're watching live TV let it get ahead a bit so you can fast forward the ads. Couldn't do analogue.
At 80kg buggered if I'm ever moving it again.

Haha I know the feeling,
We have a leftover HD Sony which weighs 97Kg and we have no plans to replace it because through the HD setop box the picture is excellent.

If you have weak analogue signal or goasting then digital is the way to go.
Like you said, you could keep your analogue TV's and just buy setop boxes but not all of them are good. A friend of mine was swearing everytime a plane was flying over their house because the TV picture would break up.
He lived with the problem for a couple of years till one day he had enough and went and bought a digital TV. He didn't have a single breakup since.
You're right Alex. It's amazing how cheap TVs are. That's why so many get dumped on the street - no second hand market.
I'm finding I watch less TV as I get older. I've got three analogues. One in the shed for when the cricket is on, one in the spare room for when the cricket is on, and one in the family room. I got talked into getting a set top box for the big Sony in the main room. The kids watch ABC 3. When the analogue signal vanishes from Sydney, I'm not sure whether I'll bother doing anything with the spare TVs. I imagine in a few years people will be watching TV on laptops and stuff like that anyway.
a set top box is $35.

we have one hooked up to a 70s brown box.

Exactly ... there is no reason to stress about digital TV or to run out and buy a new TV. A STB (set-top-box) will do the job perfectly.

eg: $49 for a HD STB with PVR -

Our main TV is a 68cm Sony Trinitron TV which we paid $1890 for in June 1996 (I still have the receipt). That makes it over 15 years old.

We actually watch HD TV on this old analog box (down-scaled via my STB) :cool:

I run a 4-tuner SageTV server with remote LAN extenders ... turns our 15yo TV into a multimedia powerhouse!
*sheepishly raises arm into the air*

Yes, we have an old 51cm 'box' TV. I remember paying $800 for it many years ago. I also remember feeling very proud of how 'big' it was :eek:. Sadly for hubby, it refuses to die! :D It sits proudly in our loungeroom where the kids use it to play X Box and watch their DVDs. We bought a set top box for about $50 a couple of years ago so there are a few more channels to choose from.

Up until last year, we actually had two 'old' televisions. However hubby's prayer was mysteriously answered on the eve of the footy finals when the other 'old box' that we'd owned for 15 years (and bought second hand) finally bit the dust.
Up until last year, we actually had two 'old' televisions. However hubby's prayer was mysteriously answered on the eve of the footy finals when the other 'old box' that we'd owned for 15 years (and bought second hand) finally bit the dust.

Don't tell my wife, I've been trying to subtly kill off our old Sony for years now. Stupid thing just refuses to give up :(
We still have 3 of them, they all work so why chuck them ?

So called green generation saving the planet by throwing away perfectly good stuff to buy the latest model :confused:

Our area goes digital next year I think, by then I will get a better TV for the same price so I will wait until I have to and take part in the expected "switch over sales"

My wife won't come shopping with me, to me haggling for a bargain is a blood sport :D