Anyone employed Property Zest buyers agents ?

Anybody used Property Zest buyers agents? I'm interviewing a few and I havent heard this company mentioned on here.

Heres one interesting case study example

Value add case scenario

I left a message just now, hopefully I hear back from them soon. I left another message with a couple of others today also so hoping to hear back from them tomorrow.
Thanks. I'll check out the link. I've spoken to 2 now on the phone and just made contact with property pursuit who are rebba members. Hopefully I'll be talking to them tommorow.
I've known Karen from Property Zest for a few years now and she's been a great resource for a number of my clients I've put in touch with her.

She and her team give a really great personalised service and care about their clients' outcomes.

She's also the host of the Everyday Property Investing podcast.

If you haven't found anyone yet, I reckon its worth a phone call.