anyone heard of IPIN?

Got an email form an investing buddy about this mob.
Never heard of them before but told him to be careful.
I will have a closer look later but looks like they do syndicates, buy distressed property, offer capital protection and have rent guarantees :rolleyes:

IPIN (International Property Investment Network) is a membership network consisting of 43,697 private property investors, fund managers, institutional and corporate investors and various industry professionals.

IPIN's mantra "Building wealth through intelligent property investment" reflects our mission to encourage investment in global property using a variety of traditional, unique and innovative vehicles as we believe it is the most secure method to build and sustain wealth.

We pride ourselves on working with investors from all backgrounds and our ability to source and create intelligent and viable opportunities from small syndicate and unit level investments for private investors to large land and development ventures in conjunction with large fund management.

IPIN creates a platform that allows members to invest safely into well researched projects that have independent legal approval maximizing potential returns while minimizing associated risks.