Anyone heard of National Tenant InfoSystems?

I just received some info from my about to expire property manager ( am planning on self-managing my IP), re Landlord's insurances.

One brochure is from EBM for Rentcover Plus, and the other is from National Tenant InfoSystems.

The latter sound interesting in that they can do a background check on potential tentant via their database. Just fax the details through and they'll do a search.

In addition, they also provide landlord's insurance in association with St George Underwriting Agency.

Has anyone heard of this outfit, is anyone using them, any pearls of wisdom to share? What about EBM?

Any other mob that is offering landlord's insurance with adequate cover and good reliable service?


Dear Desto,

If you are planning on self-managing I do recommend you utilise a tenancy database.

The issue is that all databases are not created equal and must be evaluated based on 1) Number of tenants in the database 2) Quality of information recorded (Are just defaulting tenants recorded or are recommended/good tenants recorded as well) and 3) Cost.

A good place to start is on a government inquiry into the databases see:

Recommend you look at page 17 in the .pdf document (Page 4 on bottom on the pages) for the Database Industry Snapshot.

It is interesting that TICA actively goes after the private landlord market in the UK but in Australia does not publicly do so.

In talking with National Tenant InfoSystems make sure you ask some probing questions as to the quality of their database. Would be useful if you can post the further feedback you get on here.